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I am an Architect, entrepreneur and turnaround manager for boutique Hotels.

Growing up, I always told my friends that I would never live in a normal house–I would live in a hotel.I ended up moving from country to country, city to city, apartment to apartment at a frenetic pace.One thing in common: all pretty small, and when I left I was only carrying two suitcase with me.

This lifestyle led to the founding of several companies,  based  on SuiteLife concept, which connects hospitality and real estate industries.

As a boutique hotelier, I am passionate about turning dismissed hotels into a destination. I love to help family-owned businesses grow their dream hotels and work with private investors looking to establish a small boutique hotel.

When it comes to the small scale in the hospitality industry, I couldn’t be more fascinated. It starts with the designs that is different, but it also requires completely different management and operations. It’s really like building a small custom car – every detail needs to fit in to make it beautiful!

Leonardo Annecca

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