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Architect, entrepreneur & passionate about boutique hotels.

As a boutique hotelier, myself I am truly passionate about turning dismissed hotels into travel destinations and getaways. I love to help family-owned businesses grow their dream hotels and to work with private investors to establish boutique hotels of their own.

I founded SLH  Hotels as a natural evolution of the concept of Suite Life, that I created as an architect and applied as entrepreneur to the businesses I founded in New York City; Mysuites and Mysuites & Co. 

Today, my mission is to reinvent the partnership between capital owners, hotel operators and real estate developpers, offering a tailored hotel asset management aimed  to maximize wealth creation in this hospitality niche.

Small boutique hotels will increase and  continue to be a key player within the travel and tourism industry for years to come. By developing them, we will target the  niche of a lifestyle generation who will always seek out a unique story and a personal connection that SuiteLife Hotels can offer.

Leonardo Annecca


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