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Why SLH Hotels

We Create Standout Luxury independent Hotel Brands

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We’ve grown and perfected the SuiteLife concept over twenty years, reinventing the niche of small boutique hotels in New York and throughout Europe. While consulting with the most prestigious boutique hotel developments worldwide, we’ve created our own highly successful brands, including Bond Townhouse, Mysuites, and MySuites & Co in New York City.

In a few words, the “Suite Life” concept is about a complete approach to inaugurating brands in the world of luxury boutique hotels. It’s our philosophy for elevating the guest experience, streamlining management, and prioritizing authenticity and understated luxury to appeal to a new segment of high-end travelers.

Suite Life Hotels is on a mission to export this profitable business model worldwide through business plans that offer a strategic advantage — one that consistently outperforms the competition. Unlike a typical hotel real estate broker, we partner with investors, hoteliers, and private equity partners to create, develop and manage independent boutique hotels with an extremely high growth factor — hotels on the verge of widespread brand recognition.

We understand the ins and outs of asset management tailored for independent hotels. SuiteLife Hotels provides extensive consultation for maximizing the operational value of hotel real estate along with its ultimate sale price. Ultimately, we work for several years on a hotel project to build a brand that is able to maximize its disposal value based on a winning design and a well-thought business concept.


As a boutique hotelier, I look forward to advising anyone looking to invest in hotels. I am truly passionate about turning overlooked hotels into premier getaways. I love helping family-owned businesses grow their dream hotels and private investors establish standout properties of their own.

Today, my mission is to reinvent the partnership between capital owners, hotel operators, and private investors by offering a tailored and comprehensive service for creating boutique hotels. I aim to take on bold ventures that give rise to unbeatable, industry-defining brands.

Small boutique hotels will remain a key component of travel and tourism for years to come. Each development project targets the new lifestyle-driven generation that prioritizes experience, expression, and the personal connection that SuiteLife Hotels is here to offer.

Leonardo Annecca 

Architect, entrepreneur, founder at SLH

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Invest in Luxury boutique hotels with SLH

We scout out, develop, brand, and sell the most promising properties on the market.

We operate with an extensive knowledge of  boutique hotels, in New York, Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

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