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Let’s be upfront: buying boutique hotel properties yields double the ROI of traditional real estate sales. It’s the same reason families and small investors rush to buy small properties in prominent locations and turn them into revenue-generating Airbnbs. 

However, while the business model seems like a low-risk, straightforward undertaking, when you’re investing in a hotel, a vacation rental complex, or a simple Airbnb apartment, you’re tackling legal and technical logistics like compliance with local regulations, architectural considerations, construction, finance, branding, marketing, and all-important revenue optimization.

SLH  has been a leader in the small hotels and vacation rentals market since 2004 — long before Airbnb. We eventually launched MySuites in New York in 2008, M&CO in 2013, and the Bond Townhouse in 2020.

Now we’re using our property development and market experience to curate a list of exciting properties and innovative hotel concepts that present the best investment opportunities within the industry.

 Looking to develop a Boutique hotel?

We scout out, develop, brand, and sell the most promising properties on the market.

We operate with an extensive knowledge of  boutique hotels, in New York, Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

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