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A selection of Hotel’s real estate properties to invest in

We operate as Brokers Plus — a hotel brokerage, consultancy, development, and design company tailoring the strategy for the property you’re creating and the brand you’re building. 

Our team brings you our singular expertise for scouting that perfect hotel real estate deal that meets your investment requirements. Then, unlike other hotel brokerage companies, we specialize in ongoing guidance and personalized service throughout the development of the property.

Also, in contrast to other hotel brokerage firms, we drive the acquisition process through a different angle — one that is both highly brand-focused and financially shrewd. We analyze economic factors with a strong eye for hotel business concepts supported by a unique design story.

We consider all the potential inherent in converting your hotel property into a destination brand based in a prime location. Our strategy of repositioning, marketing, and branding helps you maximize your investment and create a boutique hospitality experience that’s set to outperform the competition.

We calculate our ADR and NPV based on transformation potential. We look at how a piece of real estate appeals to a niche demographic of luxury travelers and create the property accordingly. After decades of developing renowned hotels across the world, we bring our clients a competitive advantage by taking a superb hotel design concept and building out a high-ROI business plan.

We understand the global boutique hospitality market — particularly in locations like New York, Greece, Italy, Spain, and France. SuiteLife Hotels works as consultants for private investors, experienced hoteliers, and real estate funds, scouting promising hotel real estate that meets the following criteria.

  • The property is located in a city or region with rising external macroeconomic factors.
  • The property is situated in an up-and-coming neighborhood.
  • The architecture of the existing building offers clear potential for repositioning.
  • The property meets financial projections based on a clear design concept and business plan.
  • The property is well-suited for boutique hospitality management. 

SLH  has been a leader in the small hotels and vacation rentals market since 2004 — long before Airbnb. We eventually launched MySuites in New York in 2008, M&CO in 2013, and the Bond Townhouse in 2020.

Now we’re using our property development and market experience to curate a list of exciting properties and innovative hotel concepts that present the best investment opportunities within the industry.

 Looking to buy a unique  Boutique hotel  ?

We scout out, develop,  and sell the most promising properties on the market.

We operate with an extensive knowledge of  boutique hotels, in New York, Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

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