Small Boutique hotels – the luxury of tomorrow

SuiteLife Hotels scouts out Small Hotel’s real estate —often in the form of dismissed or underperforming hotels. We locate hotels  and building sites that have the potential to transform into thriving luxury properties. 

While we operate similarly to a hotel brokerage firm, we are actually a 360-degree Concept Design and Development company with an eye for the best opportunities in the world of small, independent luxury  hotels.

The core of our mission is to convert properties and develop boutique hotel brands for investors and hoteliers.

Our founder, Leonardo Annecca, offers an intimate understanding of boutique hotel development. He works closely with investors, buyers, hoteliers and real estate Funds, guiding them through each phase of the hotel’s real estate acquisition, investment process,  development, branding, management, and disposal.

We shape singular hotels luxury  brands defined by a sense of passion, authenticity,  independence, and  understated luxury.

Independent Hotels brands

A Curated Selection of small Boutique Hotels brands we made

Are you an investor in  Small   Boutique hotels?

We scout out for you   the most promising properties on the market.

We operate with an extensive knowledge of  boutique hotels, in New York, Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

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