Small Boutique hotels – the luxury of tomorrow

We create unique and successful joint hotel ventures with capital partners, investors and/or family businesses, to drive successful investments in a specific niche within the hospitality market: small boutique hotels.

We have an extensive knowledge in the US hospitality market, and we operate in Greece, France, Italy and Spain and Germany. Focusing on the niche of small boutique hotels allow us to implement our philosophy of the ‘Suite Life’ design concept that we have created and pioneered in New York City since 2008, with several successful real estate and hospitality companies, like MySuites and MySuites & Co.

We shape hotels of tomorrow based on a sense of understated luxury, that is focused on passion, authenticity, locality and independence.


We develop brands for independent, small boutique hotels. Our approach takes into consideration an investors point of view as well as the hotelier in order to create a harmonious balance between concept, design and business model.


We ensure that the design concept of each small boutique hotel is deeply rooted in the region’s culture and compliments the use and mood of the land and location. Essentially we collaborate with local creative minds, artists and designers to bring our vision to life, empowering the local community to become a key part of the transformation.


Boutique hotels are built on passion and with this in mind, we work hard to express this within the overall design, branding and development. Our small boutique hotels are made to keep relationships with guests personal, and are driven by multi-cultural exchanges.


Each boutique hotel concept is based on an authentic story, which is made clear in all we do. This combines the act of hosting hotel guests with the art of storytelling. Each story is completely unique to the hotel and reflects the location, culture and team behind the business.

Turning Real Estate into Boutique Hospitality 

Why SuiteLife  Hotels 

The Suite Life, was originally a design concept we created for boutique real estate in Manhattan. It was initially a way to design spaces, style them and brand them, in a way to appeal to an increasingly nomadic generation with an understated sense of aesthetics. 

The success of companies like Mysuites and MySuites & Co in New York City naturally triggered the start of The Suite Life concept which can be applied to small boutique hotels worldwide.

Today we design, develop and build each boutique hotel concept from scratch, in order to turn it into not only an icon in terms of interior design but also a social destination for travelers. We provide hotels with a unique value proposition, with a sustainable strategy. We maximize the operational value of small boutique hotels via asset management. 

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