Small Boutique hotels, something you would call it home

Small hotels  are like Italian cars, made one by one with passion, for the people that really care about the experience. That is why they are small, that is why they are different.We combine the best of both worlds, the services of a Boutique hotel, the style of a ‘home away from home”.
We offer a luxury that is discerning and not expensive, we use design to elevate the experience not the ratings.
We believe in community, we like to think of our hotels as a hub for people and culture and we like to keep the social and environmental impact of our brand as sustainable as possible.
We believe in the future of hospitality as something authentic, local yet with style. We shy away from the globalization of the hospitality industry overrating the boutique hotel experience with an homogenous and gentrified taste.


With independence, comes a sense of surprise and authenticity, which is the ultimate luxury in today's world. We want to be part of this movement. We support, encourage, and thrive to make small hotels family-owned or independently managed.


Our hotels all have their own story, and a soul rooted in the community they belong to. We use design as an influencer to share these stories, not as a strategy.


We are passionate about small boutique hotels for the sense of uniqueness and individuality they produce. Each project has its own story, and we love telling them.


Our mission is to offer an experience, We're not just selling rooms. Keeping it small lets us carry on that magic of small hotels: lifestyle in harmony with the local heritage of the place.

How to develop  Small Boutique Hotels

Turning Real Estate into Boutique Hospitality 

We have focused since our origins on  a niche of the hospitality industry, serving a style minded “Nomad generation”  looking for a “home away from home”. We have pioneered the world of the vacation rentals developing MySuites in NYC in 2008.

Today we work for independent investors and family business to develop, design, and reposition  small boutique hotels around the world. We build your dream hotel.

Well arrayed living rooms, bedrooms with walk-in closets, kitchens with dining areas, art collections, gardens, all converted into a hotel suite. Hic the Suitelife! We will not give you a cookie-cutter experience, but they will give you something more personal, something more intimate.

We’re a 360-degree company that builds small hotels from the ground up. We go through each step from design to financial feasibility, construction, branding and management, with a perspective that’s specific to small boutique hotels.

Make your  own  boutique  hotel with SLH

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    We work with small hotels owners, private investors and family business, operating and investing in small boutique Hotels around the world.

    Locations: New York – Milano

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