Miss Jade Beach hotel – Ibiza

Miss Jade Ibiza

Ibiza, Mallorca, formentera, Santorini, Hydra, Crete, Malibu. The Miss Jade @ The Beach hotels will be our unique take on the boutique hotel experience but on the Mediterranean islands or simply, at The Beach.

The concept arose to address two major trends we experienced in the travel and hospitality worlds:

1. The rise of a stylish, nomadically-minded generation that want understated glamour, local access to experiences, and wallet-friendly prices.

2. Demand for longer term stay options much like the airbnb marketplace, but with the typical services, great design, comfort and assurance that a premier hotel offers.

Client: private investor, Ibiza

location : Ibiza, Spain

interior design  SLH

Management & Operations: SLH

Miss Jade will be a small hotel with max. 10 to 20 rooms. each will be designed as individual small suites with the Suite Life in mind. Guests will feel at home, comfortable and well taken care of, all the while enjoying the glamorous, sophisticated experience of a luxury boutique hotel.

as not to over complicate the stay or offer too many choices that are not appealing to our guests, the property will have all the basic functions centered mostly in one communal space. Such spaces, if designed well, naturally create an intimate, familial, cozy feeling amongst guests, making it easy for the creatives, the visionaries and the like-minded to casually chat and connect. Miss Jade will become the one dream destination that travelers look forward to truly relax.

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