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Fuck yes Hotel


Project Summary

A ground-up development of hotel suites in Berlin, the brand concept could be exported to Milano and Rome. We are looking for an existing building, possibly in the Mitte, ideally a historic or landmarked building with existing small apartments that can be converted into well-laid hotel suites. We seek to appeal to a clientele with average stays longer than a week and provide an intimate hospitality experience with full hotel services and amenities.

Investment Type

SLH specializes in creating singular boutique accommodations. It’s essential we find the right piece of real estate in the right location. We’re aiming for a landmarked or historic building in the Mitte, with ten large existing studios or one-bedroom apartments to be converted into fully serviced suites. Each space should host up to four people, providing privacy and style. In order to be locally competitive within the area’s traditional hotel industry, the key is to design the room layouts to maximize ADR. 

Thriving urban centers like Berlin or Milano show signifiant potential for boutique hotel development as most standard hotels still fail to offer these kinds of luxury, long-stay solutions, and Airbnb is often drastically unreliable. Investors will purchase the real estate, and SLH will undertake all reconversion, launching, branding, and operations management.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Investment type: real estate + renovation + branding

Estimated price of project: 3,5m euros

Estimate completion time: 18 months from purchase of real estate

Number of suites: 10fully serviced, large studios with kitchen

Design & Architecture : MySuites and Co., New York www.mysuitesandco.com

Hotel management : SLH based on a HMA with the real estate owners

Hotel Design and Business Concept

It’s what you scream after scouring booking.com for too long trying to find that hotel that falls somewhere between those lush and dreamy rooms at $500+ a night and those suitable but boring rooms at $300 a night. When you finally find that boutique, ideally located, independent hotel — chicly designed and run without frills — it’s gotta be, “Fuck, yes!”

The design concept is simple and straightforward: aiming to create a 40 square meter loft-style space that will comfortably accommodate two to four guests. The competitive advantage will be the location and the prestige of the building. These factors will allow us to tap into that higher-end market segment looking for short-term luxury stays. Boutique properties generate much higher ADR and, consequently, an overall ROI that surpasses the competition.

Additionally, the small size of the operation, the limited number of suites, and outsourcing F&B through local partnerships with restaurants and bakeries will dramatically lower the cost of services.

Management & Operations: SLH

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