Fuck Yes Hotel – Amsterdam

Fuck yes Hotel

New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Munich

it’s what you scream after scouring booking.com for too long trying to find that hotel that falls somewhere in between the dreamy, wonderful rooms at $500+ a night and those that are ok but boring or ill-located at $300 a night. When you finally find that one with a boutique, independent hotel vibe, chicly designed and run without frills, in town — it’s gotta be fuck yes!

Seriously… we mean it! fuck yes! will be a very urban hotel brand, always located in trendy or up & coming hip areas within big global metropolises like New york, La, Chicago, Miami, rome, Stockholm, Munich, Paris, Cannes, Nice, amsterdam, Milano, Barcelona…the cities we identify as typical SuiteLife Cities

Client: private investor, La Hague, Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam

Keys : 12

interior design  www.mysuitesandco.com

Management & Operations: SLH

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