What we do

Scouting and Development of Hotels’Real Estate 

We work with investors to scout dismissed properties to turn into Luxury small Boutique Hotels

Hotel Brokerage Plus

We scout hotel real estate with a totally different perspective than your typical hospitality brokerage services. We operate on a broker mandate from investors, hoteliers, and funds to locate the most promising hotel deals worldwide. But the financial aspect is only one part of the analysis. The most important element of our work is to see if there is underlying potential to double ADR through strategic repositioning and branding. As developers and branding experts for independent luxury hotels, we advise our clients to invest only in the type of properties we would buy for ourselves. In our estimation, 90% of listings from most hospitality brokerage firms are entirely inadequate and uninteresting in terms of design and economics. So we do the leg work ourselves. We spend months scouting out that perfect location — a real estate opportunity or dismissed hotel that’s ripe for development or repositioning. These are the types of highly vetted projects that ultimately yield the highest ADR and ultimately demonstrate an exceptional ROI and NPV

Development, Repositioning and Branding

Developing and branding form the core of everything we do as a company. Our team leads the design concepts and branding for independent luxury hotels. The success of our brands is rooted in our expansive knowledge of the boutique hotel market. We build financially viable small luxury hotels that grow into iconic brands. SuiteLife Hotels knows how to reach our target audience and position ourselves as trendsetters within a particular niche. The right branding strategy opens the door to rapid returns and greater NPV.

 Looking to invest in Boutique Hotels  ?

We scout out  the most promising Hotel’s properties on the global market, and we operate with an extensive knowledge of  boutique hotels, in New York, Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

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