What we do

We make small boutique hotels


We source investment opportunities for our capital partners in the US, Italy, Greece, Spain and France. We scout understated locations to turn them into successful travel destinations. We professionally guide the acquisition process combining in one hand the creative and financial underwriting of a boutique hotel project.

Design & Branding

This forms the core of our company and the foundation of everything we do. We have a competitive advantage regarding design and branding of small, style-focused hotels. The success of our small unique brands rely on the passion and authenticity that we bring to the brand. In doing this, we create a boutique hotel brand that is not just financially viable but socially desirable too. We know and we talk to our targets constantly by positioning as trend setters in the niche with an unbeatable edge on competitors.

Joint Venture & Investment Exit Strategy

We promote joint ventures with our capital partners and investors on the real estate of the hotel and the FF&E, depending on the scale of the project. We create and build sustainable business models that have a strong brand presence within the niche of small boutique hotels, and maximize the reversion investment for our capital partners.

Asset management

This part of the cycle is specifically focusing on maximizing the operational value of the boutique hotel by bringing in management skills and know-how that is specific to the small scale economies of such hotels, by using a centralized marketing system in order to maximize the revenues. We partner with financial companies for data analytics and analysis.

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