DER MOUNTAIN - Dolomites, Italy

Project Overview

Der Mountain Hotel is an innovative four-star boutique hotel with a mountain theme, poised to revolutionize the traditional hospitality market in northern Italy. This project presents an exceptional opportunity to embark on a small investment venture that promises significant profitability through the development of a distinctive boutique hotel chain in the breathtaking Dolomites region of Italy.

Investment structure

We have identified an initial property situated by Lake of Carezza, Italy, offering a prime location and possessing a solid existing structure that can be transformed into the inaugural prototype of our novel concept for small luxury hotels in northern Italy. The investment will involve a 1 million Euro commitment for the acquisition of the existing real estate, along with 1.5 million Euros allocated for renovation and launch expenses. Our financial analysis demonstrates a highly favorable Net Present Value (NPV), especially when considering the inclusion of Food and Beverage (F&B) services and a gourmet restaurant that will be open to the public.

This venture could serve as the foundation for a series of 4 to 5 boutique hotels in northern Italy, with the ultimate goal of establishing a collection of distinctive, small hotels, each offering a unique narrative and design.

Location: Carezza, Dolomites – Italy

Investment type: Hotel real estate + Hotels operation

Total Estimated investment : 2,500,000 euros

Estimate completion time: 12 months from purchase of real estate

Number of suites: 12  suites, one restaurant and spa

Design & Architecture : MySuites and Co., New York

Hotel management : SLH based on a HMA with the real estate owners

Hotel Concept and business plan

Der Mountain Hotel will be a small luxury hotel in the North of Italy — the first of a new brand that could disrupt the many mountain-themed properties that make up much of the Italian hospitality market.

The idea is to inaugurate a proper design hotel, locally rooted but with an international vibe, that fills an obvious void in this niche of the market. The current swath of supposed boutique hotels is dominated by local families who frequently fail to offer the service, aesthetic, and artistry that style-minded travelers look for in luxury accommodations.

The flagship Der Mountain Hotel will open in Carezza Dolomites, with the potential to develop and expand as a leading luxury brand throughout Italy, Austria, and Bavaria. These luxury small hotels will embody the essence of the region in a way that the current offerings lack.

The Der Mountain Hotel represents a simple yet powerful hospitality concept: understated luxury. The hotel will focus comprehensively on the guest experience. It will be a property that is an outgrowth of its rugged surroundings while providing the cosmopolitan vibe essential to outperform its competitors. We’ll set the stage for higher ADR, along with higher and longer occupancy rate — a careful balancing act SLH has finessed over our years in the industry. We are making a destination hotel that is as much a part of the travel experience as the mountains and countryside themselves.

The building scouted for the first Der Mountain Hotel is a pension currently in operation in an outstanding location with a view of the Dolomites and minutes away from charming Carezza with its small town and lake.

This “all-in” concept (hotel + restaurant + spa) for a small hotel will draw on a more international clientele looking for a stylish escape in the midst of one of the most beautiful mountain regions in Italy. Der Mountain Hotel will feature room service, a unique restaurant, and a spa looking out on a serene landscape. These three components of the property will allow it to establish itself as the flagship of a singular, highly successful brand.

We are working with an eye for locality — crafting a style that transcends the cheesy, stereotypical trends that pervade the Italian hospitality scene. In terms of design and guest experience, at the moment, we can’t identify a single existing competitor that’s in the same league as Der Mountain.

SLH is devising a strategic development plan that carefully allocates resources to enhance the Der Mountain guest experience. Our design plans notably avoid the useless frills and absurd expenses that plague so many hotel renovations. We envision a common area fireplace with a library for guests and ample seating for people waiting to enter the restaurant.

The restaurant itself will be a standout amenity, with its delicious Italian food attracting an outside clientele. Similarly, the onsite spa, with its tranquil ambiance, will soothe and invigorate guests before they even arrive at the massage table.


Please email us for a full Financial overview, business  and capital venture plan.

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