What we do


We're a boutique hotel development company. We start by scouting prime locations. we research the feasibility of the location, analyze the financials, and brainstorming to make sure you get the best design concept. We aim at building an experience, thus maximize the hotel value. Once everything is finalized, we'll design the architecture plans and supervise renovations. Once everything is done, we'll manage the operations of the first six months.


As Hotel Company, we try to understand how much weight is given to family ownership and the operating quality of the hotel. However, it's important for us to also see if the hotel can financially support itself. To do this, we calculate the return on investment and equity, to determine the NPV.


One way to reposition a hotel is through a financial analysis. This type of business analysis would start with determining the hotel's market position. First, we need to know what type of hotel this is: is it well managed, but poorly positioned in the market? Or is it poorly managed, but well positioned in the market? The starting point for our analysis is to assess the hotel's potential. Low occupancy rate, high costs, or poor service, are all signs of a need of re positioning.

Design & Branding

We love hotels, but not the big ones. We like the small, individualized boutique hotels that focus on style and authenticity. We have a competitive advantage in designing and branding small, style-focused hotels. Designing and branding small hotels should be focused on enhancing a local experience. We work as consultants on the design and branding of small, boutique hotels.

Management & operations

in both acquisitions and repositioning, we have a hands-on approach. Once a hotel has been acquired or revolved, we manage the full operations. In the case of small hotels, family owned, we have a different understanding and approach to management of small scale hospitality businesses. We manage the hotels we acquire or develop until they run seamlessly

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