Re- positioning of Boutique hotels

Architect and asset manager,  Leonardo Annecca  has over two decades of experience, and specialized in the intricate art of refining and enhancing Boutique Hotels, particularly those of medium-small scale. His expertise lies in conceiving fresh, innovative concepts for either building new brands from scratch or revitalizing existing hotels that may be underperforming or in need of a rebrand.

Repositioning,  is far more than just altering superficial elements like logos or interior design. It involves a strategic reassessment and utilization of the hotel’s potential, often rooted in external factors such as location, views, local attractions, or community activities. By leveraging these aspects, he is  crafting  a new design concept that frequently requires reworking the hotel’s layout to capitalize on its unique selling points.

The genesis of a successful hotel brand often begins outside the physical structure. He  transforms nearby attractions or external activities into integral parts of the hotel’s identity, elevating it into a destination rather than just a place to stay. Concurrently, he reassesses the hotel’s architecture, interior design, and food and beverage strategies to solidify a comprehensive approach aimed at significantly increasing Average Daily Rates (ADR) and Net Operating Income (NOI).

An essential aspect of my repositioning strategy involves rethinking the hotel as a multifaceted business, expanding its revenue streams beyond room sales. This approach is particularly tailored for the quintessential Boutique Hotel experience, where the emphasis is on providing a more personalized and unique stay. It’s crucial to differentiate this model from the widespread labeling of every hotel as a “boutique” establishment.

Leonardo Annecca’s   journey commenced in the late 90s in Paris, collaborating with luminaries like Philippe Starck and Jacques Garcia during the initial surge of boutique hotels. he is   deeply passionate about this domain, continually striving to unveil fresh, avant-garde concepts for boutique hotels or cultivating entirely new projects as distinctive brands. Over the years, he has consulted with numerous hoteliers, offering insights and strategies to provide a competitive edge in the asset management of boutique hotels.

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