Mastering the art of purchasing a boutique hotel as asset manager, Leonardo Annecca says, goes beyond mere financial analysis or location scouting. While books, seminars, and workshops may emphasize numbers and market trends, the true essence lies in understanding the intangible aspects that make a hotel successful.   Drawing from nearly two decades of consulting experience with hotel groups and private investors, I've found

  Crafting a strategic vision for real estate investments in the hospitality sector, particularly before acquiring a boutique hotel, requires a nuanced approach aimed at optimizing wealth creation while minimizing adjusted risk tactics. Unlike the conventional focus on market share dominance often seen in larger luxury hotels, my strategy centers on boutique hotels of modest size, emphasizing a wealth creation strategy geared toward

Architect and asset manager,  Leonardo Annecca  has over two decades of experience, and specialized in the intricate art of refining and enhancing Boutique Hotels, particularly those of medium-small scale. His expertise lies in conceiving fresh, innovative concepts for either building new brands from scratch or revitalizing existing hotels that may be underperforming or in need of a rebrand. Repositioning,  is far more than

DER Mountain Hotel, Carezza Dolomites, Italy An exciting investment prospect with the DER Mountain Hotel, a small Boutique Hotel for sale,  in the stunning Carezza Dolomites, Italy. A fantastic opportunity to establish a unique boutique hotel brand, poised to revolutionize the four-star hotel market in Northern Italy.  Invest in boutique hotels in  Italy with a budget under 3 millions  euros. The concept: a small luxury boutique

A Closer Look at Antiparos and Paros Greece Real Estate and How to Buy Hotel Real Estate  This article serves as a guide for private investors, family businesses, and first-time hoteliers looking to enter the hospitality side of the Paros Greece real estate market in Greece or to diversify their real estate portfolio with a combination of residential and hospitality selections. Greece and

Over the last ten years, the number of boutique hotels in the US alone has risen by more than 265% currently standing tall with a whopping $12.41 billion market size. It is no surprise that boutique hotels are gaining an ever-increasing number of devoted fans - all thanks to their surprisingly charming, aesthetically pleasing, and elegantly individualistic setup. Travelers, tourists, and boutique aficionados

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