The original Royalton, with its blue runway-like carpet beckoning guests into shadowy nooks and low-lit lounges, was a fully immersive experience. The hotel became about so much more than just checking in. The secrecy of the architecture, the seductiveness of the accent lights, and the intimacy of the lounge chairs tucked behind large mahogany columns — it was an atmosphere in which

A Closer Look at Antiparos and Paros Greece Real Estate and How to Buy Hotel Real Estate  This article serves as a guide for private investors, family businesses, and first-time hoteliers looking to enter the hospitality side of the Paros Greece real estate market in Greece or to diversify their real estate portfolio with a combination of residential and hospitality selections. Greece and

Over the last ten years, the number of boutique hotels in the US alone has risen by more than 265% currently standing tall with a whopping $12.41 billion market size. It is no surprise that boutique hotels are gaining an ever-increasing number of devoted fans - all thanks to their surprisingly charming, aesthetically pleasing, and elegantly individualistic setup. Travelers, tourists, and boutique aficionados

When I was growing I was telling my peers I won't live in a normal home but in a hotel!       Since I sort of designed my life like a “new Nomad”. From one city to another every year in tiny apartments that I designed like Hotel suites. I was inspired to create a business that would bridge real estate and hospitality. I created the

If you need to seal a date or are facing a gut-taking engagement proposal with a difficult princess, this is the place to go. The honeymoon suite will crack her down, or win her over, however you want to see it. No one can resist this view! It’s a bit of a fairytale place, with little corners, gorgeous views, the idyllic Greek life. It’s on a

When I first slept at the Omm Hotel Barcelona, I fell in love with the rooftop pool! There were just a few other guests and myself and the idea of a rooftop bar was not so hip yet, so we could enjoy the peace. Omm is pretty big, but it also has everything. I love the water walk at the spa, and the

This is a swim club turned Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Not an easy job!  At first, you feel the disproportion of everything and it can make you feel lost, at least for someone like me that loves small and cozy places. It took me quite a while to get adjusted to the space and air of the desert so I was close

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