Norrmalmstorg 2-4, Stockholm, Sweeden   +46 8 614 10 00 The Nobis Hotel is a bit too big of a hotel for my taste and design scale, but the Swedish have an innate sense of understatement that I admire. And, while the long hallways might feel endless, the hotel has a very personal and homey feeling nonetheless and an exceptional location in Ostermalm. And,

SoHo House Berlin Torstraße 1, Berlin +49 30 4050440 Despite its massive proportions (it used to be Hitler’s phone company headquarters…) Berlin is my favorite of Soho Houses. Once I got upgraded to a suite that ended up being easy twice the size of any of the MySuites apartments I had designed in NYC. The design and the feel of the space is great, and that’s not

It’s a lovely bungalow-hotel, literally on the beach. Most of the hotels in Tulum are on the beach but this one make you experience the sand from your very first step out the door in the morning! The most beautiful experience I had there was waiting through a night of thunderstorms from beneath the bungalow, waiting for the sunny day to break in

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