Omm Hotel Barcelona

Omm Hotel Barcelona

When I first slept at the Omm Hotel Barcelona, I fell in love with the rooftop pool! There were just a few other guests and myself and the idea of a rooftop bar was not so hip yet, so we could enjoy the peace.

Omm is pretty big, but it also has everything. I love the water walk at the spa, and the room service with the best Jamon croquetas…such that during one of my 36 hour escapes there, I literally didn’t go out of the hotel grounds.

To complete, a restaurant, club, salon, and a few shops just off Passeig de Gràcia make the experience complete.

Get room 402. It’s on the courtyard side but has a modern, small balcony that is really lovely. Perfect for a siesta by one of the windows. I don’t take a single nap, ever, but I am sure you will be tempted here.


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