ACE Hotel Palm Springs

ACE Hotel Palm Springs

This is a swim club turned Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Not an easy job! 

At first, you feel the disproportion of everything and it can make you feel lost, at least for someone like me that loves small and cozy places.

It took me quite a while to get adjusted to the space and air of the desert so I was close to driving back to LA to stay at one of my other favorites, the Mondrian, but my girlfriend then managed to make me stay.

Soon after, I was completely sold. This ACE is very cool. 

The common area, the lobby, the bar and restaurant, the spa — all of it breathes the ACE style and I love them, as you know! The walk to the rooms can be a bit impersonal but that’s the swim club thing.

In ACE Hotel Palm Springs, the rooms have a private garden with a fireplace which is absolutely lovely and the decor with the stretched canvas on the walls and large blinds make you feel like you are camping with glamour! Love that, too. 

But be forewarned, the benches by the outdoor fireplace are dangerous! If you relax there a little too much, you’ll fall asleep and probably won’t wake up until the fire’s long gone. 

When I manage to ship my triumph to LA, I am planning to do the ride out to Palm Beach for sure with a stop in the desert as well.


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