Cortina Hotel Munich

Cortina Hotel Munich

Cortina Hotel Munich was my home throughout the fall of 2016, truly!

The Cortina Hotel Munich feels like home. Super understated reception, very spacious suites tastefully decorated so that it feels like more like a pied-a-terre apartment than a hotel room. Some have small kitchens, German-style — like, you get all of the kitchen appliances somehow in a vertical system. From the small bottle opener to the induction cooktop, all of it feels high tech, sometimes too tech but it works.

The revolving bathroom door is in a Japanese style .. and that, I never got the sense behind it, especially in the context of the room’s otherwise modernist style.

If you happen to get the suites with the side entrance, you are in luck. It’s fantastic as you can actually feel like you live in this private building – like the MySuites & Co. apartments in NYC plus all the Hotel amenities and services.

You can skip the Hotel breakfast and just walk across the street to the Bar Centrale for the absolute best warm chocolate croissants in the South of Europe!

The Bar Centrale hosts a colony of handsome Italian men serving you the best rigatoni for lunch!

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